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Dedicated to the people of Putnam County.


About Scott

Scott Reing is a self-employed tax and real estate attorney. Working in a family owned business, he understands the pressure on taxpayers, including high property taxes, and the frustration of inefficient government. He is running for office because he believes we can do better.

Scott grew up in nearby Yorktown and moved to Mahopac with his wife, Kei to raise their family. With his daughter, Liberty, and newborn son, Ulysses, Scott is motivated to make Putnam County the very best place to raise a family. Scott's energy, focus on families and sharp financial eye will be invaluable to the Legislature.

Scott has always been interested in public service. He previously served on the board of American Friends of Beit Issie Shapiro, a charity which helps in the care and treatment of children with disabilities. Scott graduated SUNY Binghamton and Brooklyn Law School where he served as president of the Moot Court Honor Society and was awarded the Leonard Taubenblatt Award for Ethics.


Residents of Putnam County do not deserve to pay higher prices for their non-essential goods than those in neighboring counties. We should be making Putnam even more attractive to bring in business and new residents. There must be change to the "Rubber Stamp Legislature".

01. sales tax decrease

Putnam County's sales tax rate of 8.375% is higher than all surrounding counties. We must cut this rate to end our competitive disadvantage.

02. End Self-Interested, Frivolous Spending

In 2017, County Legislators voted themselves a $5,000 raise. This inflated salary of over $40,000 is one of the highest in New York State. This outrageous compensation for part time work must be reduced by 25%.

03. Fresh Ideas

For the past seven years, the County Legislature has been little more than a meaningless rubber stamp. Debate and fresh ideas lead to better results for Putnam County.


“Good is not Good Enough.”

Scott reing  |  Candidate


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